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Please select a question from the given list and try to concentrate on the question with a calm mind. Click on the "Proceed" button to continue.

1. How would my prospective wife be? Specify some details.
2. Will the prisoner be relieved or still be under captivity?
3. Will I survive till an old age?
4. Will I travel abroad or reside in foreign lands?
5. Will I be entangled in some legal battle? Will I gain or lose from it?
6. Will gambling build or break my future?
7. Will I ever get rich and retire from my business?
8. Will I succeed in my endeavors in life?
9. Will I succeed in my current assignment?
10. Will I ever inherit property through some will?
11. Will this year be better than the last one?
12. Will I earn a great name and will my children benefit from it?
13. Will my close friend uphold my faith or betray me?
14. Will my lost thing be recovered and will the thief's identity be disclosed?
15. How is the current time going to be?
16. Will the traveler return soon from foreign lands?
17. Will my spouse be faithful in my absence?
18. Will the marriage be successful and lead to prosperity?
19. Will my child remain happy and honest, after my death?
20. Will my current bad times ever change?
21. Does my dream signify something auspicious or inauspicious?
22. Will dramatic turnabouts keep taking place in my life?
23. Will false allegations diminish my repute?
24. How would my prospective husband be? Specify some details.
25. Will the patient be cured of the disease?
26. Does my lover also love me?
27. Will my prospective journey be happy and auspicious?
28. Will I ever get unexpected money? Will I ever recover buried money?
29. Which business or career stream should I opt for?
30. Do I have one or many enemies?
31. Is my friend happy and prosperous and what is he doing now?
32. Will my wife give birth to a boy or a girl?

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