Mesha (Aries) - [Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika-1]

Jupiter is in the 4th and later in the 5th, Rahu in the 6th, Saturn in the 8th and Ketu in the 12th.

Those who are born in this Rashi will be assertive and aggressive. Like the Ram that climbs the high stony mountains, these persons will put all their energy and effort to succeed in life. They are active and inspirational. They are radical in thought and action. They are firm in their conviction. They are not amenable to reason.

Family :

Home environment will cause unnecessary worries and anxieties to the native.

He will neither have mental peace nor happiness either at home or outside. Disagreement with wife, partners and elders will add more worries and disturb mental peace.

Finance :

The native will feel the financial burden during this period. Friends and relatives will hesitate to render him physical or financial help. He is advised not to indulge in speculation and gambling. He would face unexpected auspicious expenses. He must be cautious in lending and borrowing. He has to work hard to earn his living.

Career :

Loss of job or change of job will take place. He will be harassed by the Government. There will be dragged into litigation. There will be fear of imprisonment. He will be dragged into litigation. He has to face several obstruction and impediments, which will force him to lose confidence. He will face problems at work spot or office. His subordinates will be revolting. He is advised to practice patience.

Health :

The health of the native will get affected, owing to bile and intestine problem. Chest pain owing to wind (Vata) will give him some problem. He must be careful while driving or travelling. Physical injury and / or humiliation from others should be guarded against. Acute ailments will turn to be chronic, if not attended to at early stage. The eyes, the knees, feet face head and teeth will be seats of trouble.

Women :

Troubles will arise from partners in general and life-partner in particular, if Dasa and Bhukti are also not good. Working women will have trouble at their work spot. They are advised to hold their tongues to avoid any trouble later. They are advised to take care of their health also, as they at times will get health problems peculiar to them.

Students :

Students must be careful in their studies. They will easily forget what they have learnt. They must train themselves to express clearly and lucidly without any ambiguity. They lack expression, both in speech and writing. Students, who aspire for higher studies, must work hard to get success in their efforts. Students generally have a difficult period, when Saturn transits 4, 7 and 8 Rashis from Janma Rashi. Aries native's 8th house transit of Saturn will be travel once. First half of the year will be better. The second half will be a difficult period.