Kumbha (Aquarius) [Dhanishta 3 to 4, Satabhishak and Poorvabhadra 1 to 3]

Jupiter is retrograde in the 6th house (Cancer) till 10th April, 2015 and then becomes Direct. It is in Cancer till 14th July, 2015 and thereafter moves to the 7th (Leo) and remains there till the end of the year; Saturn is in 10th (Scorpio); Rahu is in the 8th (Virgo) and Ketu in the 2nd (Pices), throughout the year

General :

The natives born in this Rashi are highly possessive and greatly intellectual. The symbol of this sign is a pot (Kumbha), filled with water. A man pours water from the pot to the thirsty world. His ideals in life are the brotherhood of man and the betterment of human race. In fact, these natives are filled with humanitarianism. Water stands for knowledge. These people are by nature detached, scientific, intelligent and communicative. Humanism nourishes in Gemini, blossoms in Libra and bears fruits in Aquarius.

Family :

A few will feel a breach within their relations with loved ones. Their bitter language could be one of the reasons for disputes. There will be quarrels and disagreements with wife and children. They should not engage in unnecessary arguments with others. They will have fear of enemies and difficulties. They will worry about the health of a member of their family. Separation from the family owing to transfer or change of job to a few is indicated. Lack of essentials in the family will be there. After July, the natives will feel a sigh of relief from all ills and worries of the family. The unmarried will get married after July.

Finance :

If the Dasha Bhuktis are not good, loss of wealth, health, profession and failure in all attempts are predicted. Lending and borrowing will land the natives into difficulties. Their conservative attitude towards money and possession will bring financial worries. A few will gain through corporate or joint venture. There will be sudden settlement of disputes over legacies and inheritances. Continuous pinpricking from enemies will trouble the mind of the native. Jupiter's move to the 7th will bring a bright sunshine in the financial sector of the native.

Career :

The natives of this Rashi will not sit at their work-desk and waste their time and energy. On the other hand, they would spend their time more intelligently to climb the ladder of career. They would gain success in business and benefits from partners. They will work with a sacred aim. They will gain from foreign tours and travels. Their ambition to achieve professional and career advancement will yield the desired the effects. They have to share their personal knowledge and insight with those, who struggle in the work-place. They must work with a team spirit to succeed in their endeavours. Everything depends on the position of Saturn in their horoscopes. A few will get transfer to unwanted place or change of Job.

Health :

The natives are prone to wind diseases, dysentery, digestive disorders and stomach ailments. They have to take care of their physical health, so that the other aspects of their body will align without any problem. This will give them a great mental relief. A few will meet with accidents when they travel. All these depend on their Dasha Bhuktis. The second half of the year will be better than the first.

Women :

The first half of the year will not generally be good for women. They will have worries about their life-partners and children. Though they have chances of getting additional income, they will be forced to spend the money earned. In the second half of the year, spinsters will get married and married women will be blessed with a child. Some will get into trouble with others, by their unnecessary arguments. Employed women will face problems at their work-place.

Students :

Though intelligent, students will lack the power of expression, both in speech and writing. Want of clear thinking will lead them to confusion. They are advised to be careful in their association with friends. Hard and sincere work alone will bring them the desired success. They have to face a little problem in getting admission to higher degrees. Their analytical brain will at times fail to help in the hour of need.