Makara (Capricorn) [Uttarashada 2 to 4, Sravana and Dhanishta 1 to 2]

Jupiter is retrograde in the 7rd house in Cancer till 10th April 2015 and then becomes direct. it moves the 8th Leo on 14th July 2015 and remains there till the end of the year; Saturn is in the 11th Scorpio ; Rahu is the 9th in Virgo and Ketu in the 3rd in Pisces, throughout the year .

General :

The symbol of this sigh, the front of a goat and the tail of a fish, expresses the deep interior inexpressible extravagant ideality, which is dominant in individuals born in this Rashi. They can go deep down into the depth of the ocean like a fish and also like a goat they can climb the mountains of difficulty. Their common sense and practical ability will never desert them. Theirs is a life of suffering and success. It is a sign that tells of the evolution of personality through work and service. The natives of this Rasi are steadfast, patient and enduring.

Family :

Jupiter is the 7th is an suspicious placement. The home environment of these natives will be good during this period. They will get pleasure from wife and children. If not married, the native will get married to a working woman. He will fetch the favours of the people around him. He will get benefits from partners and wife.

Finance :

Multiple sources of income are predicted to the natives of this Rashi for this year. Some gain is expected through trade in Shares and Stocks. However, the natives are advised to be careful in all financial undertakings in the second half of the year, after July 2015. In the second half of 2015, the path of life might be asking for troubles. They should avoid purchasing anything new tha they do not really need. They should build up a strong savings account. They should realize that money is not the only criterion for happiness. Along with this, it will be better, if they think twice before investing anywhere.

Career :

Success in business is predicted in the first half of the year, provided the native works with a sacred aim. There will be foreign tours and gains from them. The native will enjoy all comforts and convenience in life. The native will have success in team work. Friendship with older and matured people will take place. If Dasa-Bukits are not favorable, the native will become selfish and his motive will be only on money. Many will become jealous of the growth and success of the native, during this year. He should look forward for ways to be positive on the work and business-front amidst negative influences. He will be reliable and able to climb the career-ladder very quickly. He will get promotion or a new post in the same work place. Awards, rewards and recognition from government are also possible.

Health :

The native will maintain a good health. He will get his diseases cured. There will be gain of hopes and confidence. He will be very active and careful in his choice of food and drink. He should go for regular check-ups to the Physician and Dentist. The second half of the hear will give some problems connected with health and finance.

Women :

Married women will be happy in the first half of the year. But in the second half, they should be careful about the health, finance, reputation of their life-partner and children. Working women will get promotion or transfer, and be away from the family. Spinsters will get married. Newly married couple can expect the birth of a child.

Students :

Students will be full of joys of the spring, during the first half of the year. The second half of the year will be a difficult one. Success in each of their endeavor will be the result of their hard, sincere work. Educational success lies in their hard and sincere work. They have to aspire for and succeed in the sphere of their career development. They will lack the power of communication. They will find it difficult to exhibit their intellectual ability in full.