Mithuna (Gemini) [Mrigashira 3 to 4, Aadra and Punarvasu 1to 3]

Jupiter is Retrograde in 2nd house Cancer till 10th April 2015 and then becomes Direct. It is in Cancer till 14th July, 2015 and thereafter moves to the 3rd house Leo and remains there till the end of the year. It transits in Ashlesha till 15th July and then moves to other constellations, Magha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttraphalguni; Saturn is in Anuradha in the 6th house Scorpio; Rahu is in hte 4th house Virgo and Ketu in the 10th house Pisces, throughout the year.

General :

Persons born in Gemini are fond of change and often like to start new careers, when an exciting opportunity arises. They are highly intellectual and deductive, but mostly build castles in hte air. They are vociferous and desirous to be communicative. They are fond of hearing their own voice. They lack executive skill. They must learn to listen and find out the right time to speak. Gemini represents the Twins - intellect and invention, earthly and heavenly and material education and brain intellect. Gemini is the house of learning.

Family :

Family gets all benefits during Jupiter's transit in the 2nd house. Expansion in the family and acquisition of property will take place. The native will be respected by one and all. His words will carry weight. General status will improve. Occasionally, peace in the family will get disturbed. Problems will arise from brothers, co-brothers and brothers-in-law. It is better to be careful in their utterances.

Finance :

The native will get indirect income or extra income. He must be a litter more serious about monetary aspect. Unnecessary and extravagant expenses will occur. However, there is scope for financial stability and balance. Better to be careful in his borrowing and lending. A little bit saving this year will enable his to survive next year smoothly.

Career :

Saturn in the sixth will give very good results. The courage and confidence of the native will increase and he will b bold to tackle all the problems and impediments in life. Chances are there for the native to go abroad or to get help from foreign countries. He will overcome all opponents and obstructions in life. He will enjoy all comforts and conveniences during this year, if Dasha and Bhukti are good. Those who are unemployed will get employment. After July, the native is advised to be careful in all his undertakings and should be extra cautious when he stands surety or sign any important document.

Health :

Those born in Gemini will usually be blessed with an overall good health. But they will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to get through this year. They should be careful, while travelling or driving. They should guard against any injury caused by accidents. If dahsa and bhukti are not good, they will be hospitalized for some time. They should be especially careful after 15th of July, when Jupiter transits in Leo. Awareness about the surroundings will help the native enjoy life better. He should protect himself against skin allergy.

Women :

Spinsters will stand a chance to getting married. A few married women will be blessed with a child. Working women will face some embarrassing problems at their work spot. Some will get disturbed sleep owing to bad dreams. Their health and the health of their spouse will get affected owing to wind and cold. After July, they must be doubly careful about their health.

Students :

Students born in Gemini love to discover new things. They should keep the mind sharp to chieve their goal. They should think about learning something new. They should think of what their life is currently lacking and try to discover an interesting way of learning more about what they need. They should be clear both in their speech and writing. They should avoid any ambiguity, particularly after July.