Simha (Leo) – [Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttraphalguni 1]

Jupiter remains is retrograde in Cancer (12th house) and turns Direct on 20th May. On 15th July, it enters Leo (1st house). Saturn continues in Scorpio (1st house) throughout 2015. It is in the 4th house to Leo. It retrogrades on 16th March, 2015 and turns Direct on 4th August 2015. Rahu is in Virgo, 2nd house to Leo and Ketu is in Pisces, 8th house to Leo, throughout the year.

General :

Those who are born in this Rashi (Leo) will be very possessive and inspirational. They are large minded, powerful, loving and strong. Their appearance will be stately and proud as a lion. They will be capable of guiding others. Their destiny will bring them to the front.

Family :

Till July, there will be problems at home. Chances of separation from the family owing to transfer or change of job are indicated. Some will face enmity of relatives. A few will change their residence. Mother’s health will be affected. Life will appear disgusting to a few. Auspicious expenses will occur. After July, things at the home-front will improve a little for the better.

Finance :

Natives of this Rashi will find it difficult to make both ends meet during this year. They are advised not to borrow indiscriminately to meet the increased expenses. They should be careful in their speculative and gambling activities. Danger of theft of valuables is also foreseen. Finance is the most hazardous area for these people. However, they are advised to think positively to overcome the stress and strain in life at this period. Loss of all comforts and loss of lands and estates are also predicted. They become puppets in the hands of destiny. They should be careful, when stand on surety to others. Those running favorable dasa-bhuktis will not suffer much.

Career :

Impediments in business and profession are seen. The enemies will conspire against the natives of the Rashi. Some have to face hindrances in every effort. There will be troubles during travels. They should guard themselves against government penalty and mental tension. But chances of exhibiting their creative talents will make them thrive in their chosen job. Mutual trust and positive acknowledgements will allow the natives to succeed in their career-front. Their ability to be social and interactive will bring them success. They are born victims to praise or flattery. It is important for them to praise others and make them feel happy, at times. Let them not bother about what anyone says, during this time. This is the best way to keep calm and live in peace. Let them taken interest in spiritual as well as religious activities, to feel quite better.

Health :

The natives of this Rashi should not worry about their health. However, Saturn in the 4th can upset their health a little. Rheumatic pains will bring discomfort to them. Tension and worries at the work-spot will also affect their health. They should guard against stomach problems. Throat and eyes may become the centers of problems. Indigestion owing to over-eating will be cause of stomach ailments. The natives must realize that both mental and physical balance will help them a lot during this period. Most of them will lie to be away from people and enjoy solitude.

Women :

Women of this Rashi should be careful about the health of their life-partners and children. Women employees will face problems at their work-spot. They have to deal with rough people. Subordinates will be a little revolting against women. Health may also get affected. A few will suffer from uterus trouble. Proper check-ups will do them good.

Students :

Students aspiring for higher education and research will face some difficulty in the first half of the year. Second half will be a little beneficial. They will gain some new information in their studies. This is the time to explore the hidden potentialities in them.