Tula (Libra) – [Chitra 3,4, Swati, and Vishakha 1 to 3]

Jupiter is in the 10th till 14th July, 2015 and then in the 11th in Leo, till the end of the year.Saturn is in the 2nd in Scorpio (Vrishchika) throughout the year. Rahu is in the 12th in Virgo and Ketu is in the 6th in Pisces, throughout the year.

General :

Those born in this Rashi (Libra) are active and intellectual. They are amorous and sweet-tempered. They are bound to collate, choose and adjust. They are will try to be impartial. Partners will play a prominent role in the native’s career. They will regard life from the standpoint of justice. They will have a tendency to become more and more equable and artistic, affable and courteous. They will have the ability to maintain equilibrium and balance in life. They are noted for their all round capacity rather than specialization. Justice in all things will be their motto.

Family :

Separation from family owing to unexpected transfers is indicated to some. The health of children will get affected. Depression may surface, as confidence is shaken. The desires will remain unfulfilled. Disagreement among the kith and kin will vex the mind of the natives. There will be frequent disputes among the members of the family. Saturn in the 2nd house will inflict untold misery on the native as well as the other members of his family. This is the last phase of Sade-sati. Weakness in physique, finance and comforts is indicated. Things will improve, after the middle of July, when Jupiter moves to the 11th house.

Finance :

Financial problems will pester the mind of the native. The native will face disgrace the degradation in status. Some will be held responsible for misappropriation of funds at work-place. All endeavors will go in vain. But, income from many sources is predicted, after the middle of July. Chances of acquiring immovable property and foreign travels are foreseen.

Career :

The native are advised to take life and activity a little more serious than usual. The first half of the year will produce problems at the work-spot. They have to focus on the reality of life to take better decisions. Unexpected transfers to some will disturb the mind of the natives. This is the time for them to take strong decisions. They are going to do something special in their work. Respect and honor will increase, along with the public support.

Health :

Many ills will affect the natives of this Rashi in the first half of the year. Diseases of phlegm will trouble the native. They will be able to understand their body symptoms and will make improvements, when needed. Relaxation of both body and mind is necessary. Practice of Yoga under proper guidance will help to some extent. The second half of the year has got the fragrance of flowers and sweetness of honey for their love and personal life. Sickness will be cured and improvement in health will be noticed, as the mind attains peace.

Women :

Employed women will get transfer and will be forced to be away from the family. Their health will also get affected. Their home environment will be disturbed. Petty quarrels and disputes between the couples will disturb the peace at home. They are cautioned to control their emotions and to be careful in their utterances. Things will be better, when Jupiter moves to the 11th house. However, they should be careful as their Rashi is hemmed between malefic - Rahu in the 12th (Virgo) and Saturn in the 2nd (Scorpio). Financially, they may find it difficult to make ends meet. They need to be a little stingy.

Students :

Students of this rashi are prone to forget things that they have learnt. They must concentrate on their studies, instead of letting their mind wander over unnecessary details. Group study and group discussion will help a few to overcome their weakness in studies. Meetings and discussions with experienced people will pay high dividends to them. They are sure to get positive results. They must put more efforts for the pursuit of higher studies.