Vrischika (Scorpio) – [Visakha 4, Anuradha and Jyeshta]

Jupiter is in the 9th (Cancer) till 14th July 2015 and then in the 10th Leo till the end of the year. Saturn is in the 1st (Janma rasi) in Scorpio throughout the year. Rahu is in the 11th in Virgo and Ketu is in the 5th in Pisces throughout the year.

Those born in this Rashi (Scorpio) are highly possessive and greatly emotional. They are known for their deeds rather than for their words. They will aim at a life of discipline, regeneration and liberation from all de-moralizing, dis-integrating and imitating factors of their environment. They are interested in movements of progress and reform. A few will be capable of spiritual achievement. They are cunning and subtle. They are able to see and understand the beauty in the world. They are shy in the beginning or get lost in their emotions.

Family :

Expansion in the family by the birth of a child is predicted. The natives will gain pleasures from their siblings. Chances of inheriting ancestral property to a few are foreseen. There will be harmony and peace in the family in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year, when Jupiter is in the 10th (Leo), separation from family owing to unexpected transfer or change of job is possible. A few will antagonize the members of the family. The effects of Sade-sati will be felt during this year. There might be some disturbances in married life, due to the placement of Saturn in the first house.

Finance :

The natives of this Rasi stand to gain through various sources of income. The first half of the year will be beneficial with regard to trading in Stocks and Shares. But be prepared to lose in the second half of the year. The natives should be very careful in all financial activities in the second half of the year. Loss of property is indicated to a few, whose dashas and bhuktis are not favorable. Some will engage in religious and social activities. Plans will fail owing to clouded thoughts. Financial situation will be a cause of concern to a few.

Career :

Career-wise it is good for the natives of this Rashi. They must stand up for what they feel right, though impediments startle them. They will show others the importance of team spirit and team work. They will develop a positive attitude to life. Sometimes, they will feel it difficult or boring a work. They have to overcome the obstacles with a will. They will have success in all endeavors in the first half of the year. Name, fame, honour and recognition will grow. They will shape themselves as men of character. After the middle of July, 2015, their confidence will be shaken. Depression will overcome the natives. They will fear the danger of degradation and disgrace in status. But, Rahu, in the 11th will help them command respect and honour.

Health :

After July, many ills will affect the natives of this Rashi. There will eye problems for some. There will be deterioration in health. Some will be affected by mucus and Shleshma (Kapha) Rogas. The health of their children will also be affected. Fear of danger to life will haunt the minds of the natives. A few will suffer from food poisoning. They should guard themselves against chronic diseases. Health will be a major problem to the natives of the Rashi.

Women :

Women of this Rashi must take care of the health of their life partners. Their children’s health and education will get affected. Working women will have difficulties at work place. They will have to face Gas problems and progeny problems. A few married women will have uterus problem and difficulty in conceiving. Abortion and mal functioning of ovaries will affect their health much. Skin eruptions around stomach will become a cause of worry. Inadequate performance of children will cause mental disturbances. Don’t worry, nothing major is seen.

Students :

Students will get positive results after hard work. Students of business studies will cherish the second half of the year. Those seeking admission to the higher courses should get it done before 15th of July. Sincere and hard work alone will get them the desired result. A few will get admission to courses in modern sciences.