Vrishabha (Taurus) - [Krittika 2 to 4, Rohini and Mrigasira 1 to 2 ]

Jupiter is retrograde in the 3rd house in Cancer till 9th April, 2015 and becomes Direct then. Thereafter, it moves to the 4th (Leo) on 14th July, 2015 and remains there till the end of the year. Saturn is in the 7th (Scorpio); Rahu is in the 5th (Virgo) and Ketu in the 11th (Pisces), throughout the year.

General :

Persons born in Vrishabha Rashi are amorous, impulsive and proud. They are highly possessive. They are skilled executives. Like the Bull, they are steadfast and firm in their ambition. They are dogmatic in their opinions. In a broad and general sense, they will be diplomatic, secretive, obstinate and self-willed. They are most materialistic. They will always like to be the leader or model to others. It is difficult to convince them of their mistakes. Though not selfish, these people need to take care of themselves from time to time, in order to progress.

Family :

First half of the year, till July, will be better than the second half of the year. Domestic atmosphere will vex the mind of the native. Wife will suffer from ailments; if not attended at the right time, ailments will become chronic. Partners in general and life partner in particular, will be a source of trouble to the native. Relationship with brother and / or brothers-in-law will become strained. The native must be careful in his speech, writing and standing on Sureties for others. Servants and attendants will disrespect him.

Finance :

Financial strain will be felt in the second half of the year. The natives of this Rashi will be tempted to spend a good amount of their hard-earned money on something that will turn out horrible in the end. They are advised to be careful before taking any big financial decisions. It is better to save the money than make any big financial investments. They are advised to be very careful in share-trading.

Career :

Change of job, loss of job or transfer to unknown place will take place. The native will lose courage and confidence in himself, however strong he may be otherwise. He has to face delays or at times disappointments also in his efforts. Better to guard himself against loss of self-respect and humiliation. He will be forced to undertake unwanted and aimless travels. He is advised to focus on his job security. This is the period, when the employer and employee should make efforts to feel at ease to avoid any itch.

Health :

Ill health and trouble from others will torture the mind of the natives of this Rashi, this year. Physical ill health and headache will cause worries to the natives. At times, they will suffer from unusual hunger and appetite. Saturn aspects the 1st, 4th and 9th house from the 7th, and it is not good for health, comfort, conveyances and progress in general. They are susceptible to diseases like enlargement of liver, heart diseases and congestion of kidneys.

Women :

Women born in Taurus should be careful in their relations with other sex and with their spouse in particular. They should avoid unnecessary arguments with their partners in general and life-partners in particular. They should guard themselves against any ailments that are peculiar to women. Women, who are in the family way, should be careful till child-birth. Some will have to undergo Caesarian operation. Jupiter's sixtile aspect to Rahu in the fifth will be beneficial and they need not worry. They should be careful in their love matter. Unpleasantness will cause disturbances in mind. It is said that Jupiter will not favour marriage and give only malefic results, in the 3rd and 4th. But bachelors and spinsters will get married, as Jupiter aspects the 7th, 9th and 11th houses from the 3rd house (House of communication) to Taurus.

Students :

Students will have ample opportunities to exhibit their creative talents. This is the period when they can reveal their hidden talents and achieve their goals. They will be clear in their thought and expression. Innovations in some specialized fields will be successful for some. They should be careful about their friends, who will sometime betray them owing to jealousy.