Kanya (Virgo) [Uttraphalguni 2 to 4, Hasta and Chitra 1 to 2]

Jupiter in retrogression in Cancer turns Direct on May 20th and enters Leo on 15th July. It is in the eleventh house to Virgo in the first half of the year and then in the twelfth house (Leo). Saturn continues in Scorpio (Vrishchika) from November 2014. It is in the 3rd house to Virgo. It retrogrades, on 16th March 2015 and turns. Direct on 4th August 2015. It remains in Scorpio throughout the year. Rahu is in Virgo, (Janma Rasi) and Ketu is in Pisces, 7th house to Virgo, throughout the year.

General :

Those born in this Rashi will be deductive and practical. They will reap the harvest of personal experience. This sign stands for purity, chastity and refinement. They are critical and detailed in all works. They will take life seriously. They will aim at a dignified accomplishment of things. They are desirous of being continuously active and energetic. They aim at the service of humanity on the physical plane as well as in the spiritual lines. They constantly seek for perfection and thoroughness.


There will be harmony in the family in the first half of the year. Comforts and luxurious living will make the natives of this Rashi enjoy health, wealth and prestige. Sons, relatives and persons from to Government will be very co-operative. Auspicious occasions will bring joy to the family. The natives will lead an aristocratic life during this period.

Finance :

Generally, the natives of this Rasi are known for their sense of saving for the future. This year, they are to be careful in establishing stability in the financial front. It is time to start thinking about what would be important to invest in. Chances for the purchase of immovable property are also there. Careful trading on shares and stocks will be advantageous for those whose Dasa-Buktis are favorable.

Career :

Promotion in service and expansion in business are indicated to a few. Success in all efforts is seen. Enemies will be vanquished. Those who are unemployed will get employment. There is scope for development of confidence and courage. The natives will be pulled in several directions and hence advised to exercise self-discipline to focus in one area. They are not always career-oriented. They are suited for jobs involving science.

Health :

The natives of this sign need not worry much about their health in 2015. They are always good at maintaining their well-being. They know what the body needs, in order to survive. However, they should be careful about the health of their partners. At times, they will suffer from headaches. Indigestion will cause health problems. The natives are advised to keep the intestine and stomach clean, to avoid the risk of food-poisoning.

Women :

Married women of this Rasi should take all precautions about their health as well as their partners. At times, they are prone to ailments peculiar to women. A few will be hospitalized. Those who are in the family way should be careful and should consult the doctor periodically. Those whose Dasas and Buktis are bad should seek for remedial cures. Sincere prayers will ward off all evil effects of the planets. Women employees will have problems at work-spot. Some of them will get transfer also.

Students :

Students aspiring for higher studies should work hard, as they are prone to forget what they had studied. Some of them will experience lack of quick wit to tackle any problem. They will feel that their progress is very slow and there by lose confidence in themselves. First half of the year will be better than the second half. Prayers to Lord Ganesha will give them confidence to overcome obstacles in the educational progress.