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Free Reports:    An Overview

We present a wide variety of reports here carrying immense significance. These reports will be generated instantly and above all a majority of these are FREE. These reports are based on authentic Vedic Astrology principles and have been generated using Parashara's Light The Ultimate Vedic Astrology Software.

You can generate your birth chart, look up your birth star, check out the presence of Mangala dosha and Kala Sarpa Yoga in your horoscope in this section. Moreover you can also match two horoscopes for compatibility scores.

These reports will not only help you understand yourself better but will also provide answers to common questions being referred to in the society. We hope these reports will help you make wiser decisions in life.


Birthstar Report

Your Birthstar is the nakshatra in which the Moon was placed at the time of your birth.     more ...


Birth Chart Report

Birth Chart represents the positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets at the time of a person's birth.     more ...


Basic Horoscope

This report is printed by Parashara's Light - The Ultimate Vedic Astrology Software.     more ...


Compatibility Report

This report gives a precise analysis of the areas of harmony and conflict in inter personal relationships based on the unique Vedic astrological ' Koota' system.     more ...


Mangala Dosha Report

This report will let you know about the presence of Mangala dosha in the horoscope or not.     more ...


Gem Recommendation

The Vedic world recognizes that Gems have powers and are related to each planet.     more ...


panchanga Report

A Panchanga is an almanac that gives details for the five characteristics     more ...

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