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This report is designed to help you understand the interpersonal dynamics between you and anyone in your life—friends, relatives, co-workers, and especially your life partner. You’ll gain a comprehensive perspective on the astrological influences that set the stage for communication, comfort levels, affability, and affection between yourself and those who mean the most to you. You’ll find out how the cast of characters in your life influences you, as well as what role you play in their lives.

With this understanding, you can begin to see your interpersonal relationships, especially love relationships, for what they are—cosmically scripted dramas unfolding before your eyes. Nature has cast you in a specific role and defined your character, as well as that of those you interact with.

But that’s not to say you have to strictly follow the script. The beauty of Vedic Astrology is that it can empower you to recognize your own character traits, tendencies, and behaviors—as well as those of the people you know and love—and learn how best to work with the material you have. You can further enhance the areas that run smoothly in your relationships, and add a little extra effort to the areas that are more challenging. In effect, you can learn to enhance your role in your partner’s life, and help him or her to do the same for you.

Relationships are but a stage for Nature’s play. Enjoy your performance!"

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