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Remedies:    An Overview

Remedies are those deeds which lower the intensity of negative results and guide you in the dark moments of life. They pacify and strengthen your weak planets, so that they can function with their complete potential. There are many different types of remedies that can be followed to alleviate pain.

The following reports will provide a solution to most of your problems.

Shani Sade Sati

This report gives you a basic overview of your Sadesati, giving you the dates, and an analysis of the impact of Sadesati on you. Apart from results     more ...


Kala Sarpa Yoga

The Kala Sarpa Yoga normally occurs when all the planets are positioned between the axis of the moon's nodes in the natal chart     more ...


Planetary Remedies

Planets exert favorable as well as adverse effects on a native     more ...

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